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Time after time, we state that the defining factors for good fly fishing are the combinations of lines and rods and from that statement it's far too easy to conclude that fly reels only represent almost unnecessary storage of fly lines. It is, however, not at all that simple. A well designed fly reel IS the gem completing the almost holy trinity of rod, line and reel. Even the most testosterone infected fly fisher will, in weak moments at least, admit that "just that reel" is so beautiful on that rod that it almost hurts.

Still, the functional capabilities will always be the most important characteristics of a good fly reel. The break system should ensure smooth, but powerful resistance that should be easy to adjust and the mechanics of the reel should be durable and of high quality. Our fly reels are designed in deep respect of all the different preferences out there among you. We design fly reels with that "little extra" and just know that your eyes will be drawn to the inherent visual functionalism of our little master pieces. From the smallest trout reel to the largest salmon reel, the pure focus on quality will be present every step of the way, through design and production, and when the fish of your dreams finally decides to take your fly, you just know that the reel will be completely on your side through the almost epic battle, accompanied by adrenaline, sounds, fear, triumph and the following explosion of euphoric joy. We are the joy providers!